Fairy Ring Research

I have set up this page to give you some idea of the research being conducted in regards to Fairy Ring.
Please click on the links to view work that has been done to identify and control fairy ring.

Olds College Research Report 9406
Fairy Ring Control with Surfactant using High Pressure Injection

Olds College Research Report 9504
Control of Fairy Ring with Surfactant

Control of Fairy Ring with Ultra Fairy Ring Solution (2002)

Darrell K. Tompkins, Mark A. Anderson and James B. Ross

Innovation Alberta Interview
Fairy Ring Solution

Evaluation Of Fungicides, Wetting Agents And Microbial Based Products For Control Of Fairy Ring And Localized Dry Spot Caused By Bovista Plumbea And Agrocybe Pediades

Fairy Ring Impact and Management on Cranberry Beds in New Jersey

Beating Fairy Ring
A newly released research study by Precision Laboratories, Inc.,

Approval of Bayleton 50 WP fungicide for treatment of fairy ring symptoms

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